Food is a fundamental human necessity, essential to the sustenance of the human body. At the same time, food may be associated with pleasure, passion, even luxury. In the course of my work, I have also seen it used as a political weapon.


Food is also essential to the social body. Who eats what, who eats with whom, and whose appetites are satisfied and whose denied, are all profoundly social dynamics through which identities, relationships, and hierarchies are created and reproduced. 

I have been privileged to work and travel extensively throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, The Middle East and South East Asia, to experience an abundance of culture and the warmth of hospitality in many different cultures. From the unusual and challenging (deep fried Tarantula's in Cambodia) to the familiar comforts of home (kleftiko, which has a very interesting history), my taste buds have been frequently teased, tantalised and (sometimes), traumatised.

The Anthropolgist's Kitchen is an anthology of recipes and the stories behind them, that each of us can make at home or share with friends as we wish. The book is currently being created but you can pre-order your copy here, or contact me if you would like to suggest recipes and stories for inclusion. The profits from the sale of the book will enable Psarras Consulting to offer its services pro bono to small NGOs and enterprises who would otherwise not be able to afford our support.

Octopus on a washing line