Enthusiastic, competent, resourceful, intelligent, strategic, perceptive. What more can I say. Whatever you are trying to do, you want this woman on your side.

Kathryn Llwellyn, 

Chief Executive Officer, Concern International

During the time when Anna- Louisa and I worked together in partner organisations, we were both working on incredibly sensitive issues. Anna-Louisa was professional, supportive and hugely talented in all that she accomplished and helped my organisation accomplish at that time. I cannot recommend her highly enough, as a leader and an activist and person who goes the extra mile to do what is right. It was a pleasure working with her and I hope to do so again

David Wortham

Partner, Wortham Jaques

Anna-Louisa must be about the most enthusiastic and energised person I have worked with. She drives herself to get things done and inspires those around her to do the same. Need to achieve the impossible? Look no further.

Rosemary O'Mahony

1001 Fontaines Pour Demain

As a member of the Board of NGO 1001fontaines, I have worked with Anna-Louisa on several funding opportunities and seminars. On each occasion Anna-Louisa displayed excellent business acumen and gave very good advice. She also displayed strong operational skills.