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Do you have an outstanding charitable project but are not a UK registered charity?

June 03, 2020

Prospero World Charity Adoption Programme is tailor-made to enable projects to focus on the causes they care most about, without needing to worry about the administration and governance involved in running a UK registered charity. Read more about the programme and how to apply.

Enriching Society Through The Arts

October 31, 2014

Prospero World (Registered Charity 1163952) aims to enrich society through the arts, to empower change through education, collaboration, and action. They do this by teaming with other groups and individuals, by producing events, presenting research on exceptional established and emerging arts charities, creating awards for outstanding artists committed to social change and building networks to support the arts.


Through field and desk based research, they identify outstanding NGOs around the world, building up a portfolio of international projects to present to donors, individuals or groups, according to their interests. 

Psarras Consulting is currently supporting Prospero World to:​

  • Strengthen its branding and communication.

  • Develop its Creative Industry Awards.

  • Develop and manage its Donor Advised Fund.

  • Manage its financial and governance processes.

  • Support ongoing strategy and implementation. .uk



January 31, 2018

Haasch Pty Ltd is a Brisbane-based Australian design studio with a sister company in London. They have designed environmentally friendly, naturally beautiful, hand-crafted umbrellas designed to last a lifetime. Each umbrella has been lovingly handmade using natural, ethically sourced, bio-degradable materials that care for both people, and planet. 

This ethical, creative and sustainably driven company will be donating a percentage of profits to charitable purposes. Psarras Consulting is delighted to be supporting their efforts by creating their website.

Medical Translation for Refugees in Greece

August 31, 2015

Over 1 million refugees passed through Greece in search of sanctuary in 2015. The EU-Turkey deal, signed on 20th March 2016, has left an estimated 57,000 people stranded in the Eurozone’s most crisis-stricken member state.

Hospitals throughout Greece are facing an unprecedented challenge in treating the needs of refugees whilst continuing to provide adequate healthcare for local communities, all in the face of extreme economic deprivation. One of the largest challenges facing hospitals and their treatment of refugee patients is access to interpreting. All too often, predominantly Arabic and Dari speaking refugee communities who attend public sector hospitals without interpreting, are not able to communicate clearly with Greek doctors. 

This project brings together a collective of organisations who have come together to address this need and provide a technologically based, scalable solution using Video Remote Interpretation (VRI).

The project is being provided by a collaborative team involving Psarras Consulting, Prospero World, RefuAid, Cisco Systems and SAVD Videodolmetschen.

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